SDIS 62 training on the DURAND PRODUCTION site.

News, Unclassified

🇬🇧 👨‍🚒 As part of specific training and Durand production being an ICPE classified site subject to authorization, we had the pleasure of welcoming the SDIS 62 for training in real conditions.

Throughout the afternoon, the SDIS 62 teams remained on site, putting into practice their skills and expertise in controlling emergency situations linked to dangerous products. This simulation allowed them to gain practical experience and strengthen their preparation in an industrial environment.

We are extremely proud of this collaboration with SDIS 62 and of being able to contribute to their continuing education and professional development. As a responsible business, we strongly believe in the importance of supporting our local emergency services by providing them with hands-on, on-the-job training opportunities.

🌏 This initiative reflects our commitment to safety and environmental protection, providing rescue teams with the resources needed to effectively respond to emergencies on our site or in our surrounding community. By working closely with the fire and rescue services, we strengthen our collective capabilities to react quickly and effectively to any critical situation.

Beyond the operational aspect, this collaboration also strengthens the links between our company and local stakeholders, thus creating a solid network of partners committed to the security and protection of our region. We are grateful to SDIS 62 for their dedication and professionalism throughout this exercise.